"Shocker" alert.

In the interest of lazy journalisim, the below has been copied word for word from an article posted on JustPaste.It. Hey, the anonymous author (who allegedly works in Sony Music UK) invited extremely busy souls such as myself to "republish" verbatim and who am I to decline. It makes for an interesting read (allegedly). If you've not got time to read it all, it basically infers that Britain's Got Talent is (allegedly) fixed. 'Cause that's news. It may surprise few to hear that Ronan Parke has essentially (allegedly) won BGT and "that the songs have already (allegedly) been chosen for Ronan's debut single and album". But that's not the (allegedly) unnerving bit...

Afraid we've had to take the article down... It was removed from JustPaste.It. The page now reads "Removed due to a claim from Simco Limited ('Syco') and Sony Music Entertainment UK Limited ('Sony')."

To read a retaliatory statement released by Syco, mosey on over here