Recently enough, we reported that Bez had been charged with assaulting his partner Monica Ward in May. Something about her owing him money (specifically takings from a gig they'd played. Monica is the lead singer in his band Domino Bones. A fact which probably spurred her to audition for this year's X Factor). According to Sky News:

"Bez was originally given a community order at Manchester Magistrates court and asked to pay £450 in costs. But he told the chair of the magistrates' bench he would not obey the sentence, and protested his innocence. 'I'm not doing it. Bothered. I'm going to appeal and take this to a real court,' he said."

In response, the former Celebrity Big Brother winner was told he was going to jail for one month. Bez, representing himself, then bellowed, "Victory is in my grasp!" as he was "handcuffed and taken to the cells." continues with: "Following the sentence, he instructed a solicitor who was in court for another case to make a bail application on his behalf. He was also issued with a restraining order preventing his from contacting his former partner for two years."

That might make visiting his two-year-old son a bit tricky. Which might be for the best.