Titled 'Countdown to Touchdown', which alludes to us probably getting treated to that song, basically is a montage of loads of gorgeous dancers and Beyoncé herself throwing loads of shapes in various states of undress. And oh course, it's amazing. From the sneak peeks we get, Single Ladies is definitely in there (like it wasn't going to be) and what looks like Run The World (Girls) and possibly End Of Time (Imma let you finish, but End Of Time is probably one of the best numbers she's ever done. Seriously). In other words, get excited. The Super Bowl kicks of at 11.30pm Irish time this Sunday, with the halftime show expected at approximately 1am. So either stay up and catch it, or set those UPC/Sky+ boxes.

Madonna's showstopper last year (even though it feels like a century) featured Nicki Minaj, M.I.A. and LMFAO (RIP), so you know Queen B is going to up the ante on that performance. Although there are plenty of rumours of a Destiny's Child reunion, there's still no sign of Kelly or Michelle. Maybe Beyoncé don't think they can handle this. Poor Kelly. Poor Michelle.