After a few weeks of quiet murmurings and some speculation over some changing costumes and slowdown in her live performances, the rumour mill is at full speed that Beyoncé is pregnant with baby numero deux.

First of all there was the covering up of her lower torso at the MET Gala last week, and then fans were questioning the changing of costumes on her The Mrs. Carter Show World Tour with the binning of her skin tight glittery nipple costume for sometime a little less potential bump-hugging. And then in our very own backyard when she was performing, she was 20 minutes late starting and then missed a cue for one of her songs because she took too long for a costume change, which according to her fans is very un-Bey like. Of course, then there's the over analysing of her abdomen with people pointing out a would-be bump.

Bey only had Blue Ivy 16 months ago, but since she did she hasn't shut up about loving being a mother and has stated that she does plan on getting well and truly broody again, and wants a sibling for Blue Ivy because she enjoyed such a close relationship with her younger sister Solange when they were growing up. 'I would like more children. I think my daughter needs some company. I definitely love being a big sister. At some point, when it's supposed to happen.'

All of this would explain her erratic schedule of late, with her expected album still nowhere to be seen and the ban on professional photography at her live shows, which is purportedly to stop there being any photos of her stomach up close (as well as not letting her be compared to The Hulk again). If she is knocked up, expect the announcement at the BET Awards on June 30 á la last time.