Ah jaysus, Beyonce. When we heard you were doing an underwear line for Valentine's Day we were expecting all sorts of lace and satin and silky thingy-majigs. Not a pair of jocks you'd slap on your sartorially challenged boyfriend who fancies himself a bit of thai boxing. The size of these yokes, hardly designed to accentuate the lines and curves of our sexy bodies now are they? Furthermore, if someone came near me with the word 'Mine' or 'Yours' plastered across their nads on Valentine's Day, I'd be out of there faster than Garth Brooks sold out Croker.

And sure they're only €28.27 a pop, bargain! The perfect two-way treat for vom-inducing lovers, you can get yourself a set for both you and your significant other so that you can imitate Mr and Mrs Carter (who definitely don't wear these), or, if you're a massive fan of Bey and are riding solo this Friday, you could always sing 'All by myself' a la Bridget Jones whilst flailing around your gaff in a pair of the oversized boy briefs. Might be best to go with the latter, nobody will want to see them on you anyway.

Convenient also that the font matches that of Beyonce's album. Ever the marketeer, that Beyonce.