Well, they did say she sounded flawless. No wonder she 'wowed' the crowd with her pitch-perfect rendition of the Star Spangled Banner, complete with earphone "Lookit, I'm totally singing live for ya'll" dismantling.

Beyonce would have gotten away with her miming along to a pre-recorded version of the National Anthem at Obama's inaugural concert had the US Marine Corp Band not blabbed otherwise.

According to SKY News: "All music for the ceremony is pre-recorded ahead of time as a fallback, according to Kristen Dubois, a spokeswoman for the band which traditionally performs at presidential inaugurations. She said they received word at the last minute that Beyonce wanted to use the pre-recorded version. Ms Dubois added she was not sure why the singer made the decision. It is believed to be the first time the national anthem has not been sung live at an inauguration, she said adding that the rest of the ceremony was live. Ms Dubois pointed out that Yo-Yo Ma had also used the pre-recorded fallback in 2009 but that was because it was too cold for a cello to work. Kelly Clarkson and James Taylor also performed at Monday's ceremony." Yes, but did they perform live?

Between this and Rylan sneaking out of the Big Brother house to rehearse for X Factor, and randomer off Take Me Out saying the whole thing is fixed… is nothing real anymore?!?! *swoons*

As ever, there's an upside; Beyonce's miming abilities are so seamless she could add to her fortune by hosting master classes for the likes of Madonna, Britney, George Michael, the list is endless.