Beyoncé held a press conference yesterday evening ahead of her Super Bowl performance this Sunday, in theory to talk up the half-time show that we pretty much expect to blow our minds, but in essence it was to prove everyone both right AND wrong about mime-gate at the Inauguration last week, by coming out and doing this.

B then went on to answer questions, and of course the first one was about why she sang with a pre-recorded track at President Obama's inauguration. Reason being? She didn't have enough time to rehearse it to perfection, what with being she was so busy preparing for the Super Bowl, saying 'I am a perfectionist, I will practice until my feet bleed but I didn't get a chance.' We take it she meant to practice more, not a chance to make her feet bleed. That's just weird.

Anyway, back to B, 'The inauguration was about the president I wanted to make him and the country proud. I decided to sing along with my pre-recorded track which is something that is common in the music industry. I always sing live, the inauguration was unfortunately a time when I didn't have time to rehearse with the the orchestra because I was rehearsing for the Super Bowl. I'm very proud of my performance.'

As for the big show on Sunday? 'I will absolutely be singing live, I am well rehearsed. This is what I am born for. '

While it has been rumoured Beyoncé will be joined on stage at the half-time show by her Destiny's Child bandmates Kelly Rowland and Michelle Williams, as well the husband, she kept schtum which is pretty revealing in and of itself. She also talked about her baba and how she misses her and how her new documentary, airing in the States on February 16th. 'I can't wait until it's all over, I'm gonna enjoy my daughter. I miss her so much and I keep saying 'mommy is so busy but I'll be done at 9pm on Sunday.'

Check out the entire press conference below (via shoddy recording of an internet stream, but it's better than nothing!)