Looks like we were very lucky to get a chance to see Beyoncé live in The O2 over the weekend, as she has just cancelled her gig tonight in Belgium citing 'dehydration and exhaustion'. You know, that old line that everyone uses when they don't want to say what's really going on.

In an email sent from her publicist to the Associated Press, Bey is canceling tonights show in Antwerp after doctors advised her to rest, and that her concert tomorrow in the same venue is now up in the air with Beyoncé 'awaiting word from her doctors before making a decision.' Sounds like baby number two is giving her some serious morning sickness. Explains her slightly croaky start in Dublin on Saturday, and the few mistakes she makes. This would be acceptable for any other pop star but Beyoncé is a self-described perfectionist, and canceling a concert isn't something that she would do lightly so we think this all but confirms that she's expecting.

We already described what other factors contribute to this theory, including fan live evidence as to a growing bump. Let's just be glad we got to see her before she fell victim to the pukes.