While Choose-Your-Own-Adventure stories might have been popular in the '80s and '90s, it looks like a comeback is fully underway.

What began with the likes of 'Black Mirror: Bandersnatch' has now crossed over into Twitter with this weird and wonderful Choose-Your-Own-Adventure thread. The story, however, doesn't involve dungeons or dragons as is normally the case in these kind of things.

No, here, you play Beyoncé's assistant as you try to navigate the pop icon through a day without being fired. Your choices determine where the story ends, whether you survive to the next chapter or get handed a P45.

So far, we've only played it through about four times and always gotten fired on the third or fourth question. The great thing is, of course, is you can go back and play it again and again and either try to make it past or simply see where the story ends up.

Also, is Beyoncé known for being this quick to fire people, or is it just for the purposes of this whole thing? Who knows.

Anyways, here's where the Twitter thread starts. Godspeed, Beyoncé assistants.