An Italian Prime Minister calling on a Hollywood star to back him up during his sex trial? Why, that doesn't rank high on the Randometer at all.

Indeed George Clooney has been named as a witness in a sex trial involving Silvio Berlusconi. The Oscar-winning star and his Italian girlfriend Elisabetta Canalis are among the 78 people named as witnesses sought by Berlusconi's defense lawyers to testify in the premier's upcoming prostitution trial.

49-year-old George was listed because the Moroccan teenager at the centre of the controversy said she had seen him and Elisabetta at one of Berlusconi's parties, the law firm representing Berlusconi is reported as saying. Silvio, 74, is accused of paying for sex with said Moroccan girl, who was 17 at the time, although he unsurprisingly denies any wrongdoing.

In fact, according to Sky News, Berlusconi denies paying for sex and says his parties were normal, "convivial" dinners. Then again, he's clearly living in La La Land, where oversized breasts continuously cushion his fall and carry him off to exotic islands.

As expected, Clooney is slightly flummoxed by Berlusconi's request, saying in the resulting statement: "It seems odd since I've only met Berlusconi once and that was in an attempt to get aid into Darfur."

George isn't the only attractive sort being called as a witness, Silvio has also requested the testimonies of "well-known Italian television presenters, actors, journalists and politicians... Four government ministers, including foreign minister Franco Frattini and equal opportunities minister Mara Carfagna have been called to testify." Carfagana used to be employed as a topless model before mysteriously landing her ministerial post.

Also on the list to testify, one Christiano Ronaldo. Although, given his history, Berlusconi might want to reconsider the footballer's involvement.