Ben Affleck's fake Instagram profile - or "Finsta" as the cool kids say these days - has been found.

It seems that Ben Affleck's secret Instagram profile has been set up to keep us nosey so-and-so's out of his business, and that's fair enough. If we were any bit as famous as the man who has starred in some impressive action and drama movies in the past (and who used to be Batman), we'd probably do the exact same.

Affleck's secret profile was unearthed by a journalist who was searching to see if he and actress Ana de Armas (from 'Knives Out' and the upcoming 'No Time To Die') were an item. Recent pictures suggest they are, with them having met on the set of their new movie 'Deep Water'.

While looking through the profiles that Armas follows on social media, journalist Kelsey Weekman discovered a profile which only has three followers, one of them being the actress. And another follower is Affleck's ex-wife Jennifer Garner.

Here's all the details on Ben Affleck's secret Instagram profile, which is called "positiveattitudehunting" ('Good Will Hunting' comes to mind - a movie he co-wrote), and which has the description of "just a dad who sometimes makes movies."

A potential other Affleck finsta has also been unearthed, meaning that the actor could potentially have a few more up his sleeve. He was Batman, after all...