'FINALLY' we hear you say, but before you get too excited, it's only being described as a 'mini heatwave', and Ireland being Ireland it will probably be followed by a month solid of rain. But that's just us being downers, on with the good news!

According to Met Éireann's Pat Clarke, June is when 'Ireland will experience dry, sunny, pleasant weather with higher than usual temperatures' with temperatures finally breaking the 20°C mark and possibly going as high as 25°C in places. Temperatures are set to rise tomorrow before breaking into the twenties on Sunday and staying there well into next weekend. Get the sunscreen, beer, shorts, meat, BBQ supplies and everything else in now, there's going to be a run on supermarkets in about 15 seconds and afterwards it's going to look the like place was looted because of the apocalypse.

Just look at all those sequential suns. It's enough to make a grown man cry.

Time to go to a Ferris Bueller place.