It's been a hectic week for Belgian football fan-turned-model-turned-unemployed-model as Axelle Despiegelaere has already been let go from the contract she signed earlier this week.

Having been spotted amongst the supporters by the camera supporting Belgium in Brazil, Axelle Despiegelaere shot to fame when she was broadcast in to homes around the world. As a result, back home in Belgium, L'Oreal signed her up to a modelling contract fairly quickly, but it seems not all went to plan as she has already been dropped just a few days later.;

The apparent reason behind the two parting ways came as a result of some controversy over her Facebook page, which had garnered thousands of likes in the few short days after she was 'discovered'. Inevitably, that led to a lot of people having a look through her posts, and found one of her on a hunting trip, posing next to the corpse of a gazelle.



The 17-year-old did issue an apology on Wednesday, saying that the caption was meant to be a joke, but by Thursday her Facebook page had been deleted, and when BuzzFeed contacted L'Oreal for a statement, they said that she is not a spokesperson for them, and the video that they had already made was only for social media use. In her original interviews with Belgian media after she was signed up, she did say that she thought this could all be "fleeting", but even she probably thought she'd get more than a few days out of it. 


Let this be a lesson kids, the internet's not just for the World Cup, it's for life. Don't upload that photo of you with your underwear around your head, it could cost you a really good job one day.

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