Wow... NICE SHOES! C'mon, everyone's commenting on the ring; Cheryl has also purposefully posed her splayed shoes in the shot so they're DYING for a mention. Duely noted.

To the matter at hand. Mrs Cole-Fernandez-Versini (she can't keep the last husband's name and ignore her current husband's name...), at the age of 33, has marriage number 2 under her belt. She's been with him for 3 months, so they're bound to be happy for life.

The singer - who, incidentally, recently released Crazy Stupid Love, reportedly tied the knot to her French boyfriend Jean-Bernard Fernandez-Versini in a secret ceremony this weekend. She's since taken to her Instagram account to confirm they in fact married a week ago (07.07.14).

Alongside a photograph of her sparkler and wedding band (and shoes), she wrote: "I usually do not discuss my personal life but to stop the speculation I want to share my happy news... Jean-Bernard and I married on 7/7/14.. We are very happy and excited to move forward with our lives together.. (sic)."

The pair began dating just three months ago and went public with their relationship at the Cannes Film Festival in May before moving in together at Cheryl's luxury mansion in the UK last month. So they've been living together a whole month. That's nowhere near 'THE ISOLATOR' territory (The Isolator is a term my OH likes to term the manouvre of farting in the bed and trapping me under the duvet).

The 33-year-old star previously married to former England soccer star Ashley Cole (things went to pot after a hairdresser spilled about their night together, which was so romantic Ashley reportedly managed to vomit beside the bed twice) before dating backing dancers Derek Hough (wasn't at all a showmance) and Tre Holloway. This time around herself and Jean-Bernard allegedly got married on a beach on the island of Mustique, in the West Indies.

A source told The Sun that Cheryl exchanged vows with the restaurateur in front of just four guests. Her mammy, Joan Callaghan, was obviously there - as she will be throughout their marriage.

Cynical "it'll NEVER last" comments aside, we can all been a bit "crazy, stupid" in barely brewed relationships. The maddest thing we did as a couple was go on a five day holiday after only physically meeting (stop) twice. Prior to that we'd merely conversed on the phone for six months after "meeting" through work. I'm from Dublin and he's from Cork, so it was a real 'make or break' scenario. Like, real make or break... the hotel we stayed in was fierce mawddeerrddenenen so there was no door to the bathroom and only a frosted glass panel dangling in front of the toilet... If you can survive that, you can survive anything.

In short, when you know, you know. So the best of luck to her. ROUND TWO - DINGDINGDINGDING!