What do you do when you're scientifically inclined and like an aul' beer? Well build a beer rocket of course, and that's what a group of brainy pissheads are planning on doing in Portland, America.

The guys started a Kickstarter, crowd-funding scheme to pay for their lofty plan, which of course they hatched over a few beers. They managed to raise over 2 grand to get it off the ground (er, so to speak),

Said plan is to have the booze fueled UFO travel at an astonishing 650 mph and reach a height of 20,000 feet. Flying birds overhead are obviously considered collateral damage.

The previous attempts at beer propelled rockets resulted in a height reached of 6,000 feet (in 2008) and 7,700 feet (in 2010).

If you donated $1,000 as part of their Kickstarter scheme, you could've been the one to press the launch button. That's a small price to pay to say "engage" and watch a rocket take off. Sadly, no one took them up on it.

The guys at Mashable have a video that explains a little better.