Kate Beckinsale's welcome run of non-fanny related quotes has come to an abrupt end. Her last utterance was along the lines of: "It still amazes me that people actually watching me with a gun didn't just burst out laughing. I can't even play ping-pong, but it turns out I'm good with weapons. I've got enormous hands, like a transsexual, and that's probably why." OK, so there's a mention of "ping-pong" and being "good with weapons", but we could've forgiven her that if the next published quote hadn't been: "It was one of those nights when I wore a supertight dress that you couldn’t have worn anything under, since it would have showed. The paparazzi were literally lowering their cameras like speculums (a medical instrument for dilating a bodily passage or cavity in order to examine the interior. You're welcome) when I got out of the car. On the way home, I said to my husband (Len Wiseman), 'Darling, I think they might have gotten it.' And so when we pulled in (at home) I made him re-enact the thing with his camera - a sort of crime-scene run through. It appears I survived unscathed." Yes, but what of Len?