This is getting unnerving. I've yet to read an article which doesn't mention Kate Beckinsale and some reference to her nether regions (bar the time when she tried to freak P Diddy out with her toes on Jay Leno - but it was inferred. You don't just hoist your foot into someone's face without being aware of the chance visual consequences). I've banged on about it before with equal enthusiasm but not quite as much wonderment. HOW and/or WHY would someone mention the groin area repeatedly? Is it a nervous thing? Or a premeditated deflection from the tripe she's prattling on about? It's truly boggling.

Anyhow, here's Kate's latest instalment. She was talking to Access Hollywood regarding being followed by the press. To keep things interesting, before you read it, why not place a bet with a colleague/loved one to guess how many words pass before she mentions her scanties:

"I sort of adopt a victim mentality in that I can't do anything about it so it's pointless throwing things and shouting. I just think, they're going to wait at the bottom (nope, false alarm) of your road and follow you places. Hopefully you're not doing anything so spectacularly interesting like having your pants fall down, because that kind of thing tends to attract attention. It's a part of the job that I tend not to think about that much... It's weird that my daughter's got used to it. We tend to have a group of people following us when we do our Christmas shopping or something but we've all got quite good at blocking it out and pretending it's not happening."

Be thankful your daughter's not easily traumatised, Kate. Blanking things with ease will stand to her given the relentless patter about pants.