Bebo has returned from the grave with a new chat based app.

Bebo had promised us that they'd have three new apps out in 2014, and while there are still a few weeks and a few apps off target (they've got a few weeks to make good on that), they have started beta testing for one of those apps, and it's a chat-based number that might look to take some of the market away from all the Whatsapp users. 

The app is currently by invite for beta testers only, but people who have been lucky enough to get a look at it have been tweeting their reaction to it, and it looks like a bit of a laugh. There are hashtags, avatars, and plenty of other fun features that they hope will lure users from other services on to theirs. 

You can even twerk, apparently, but no word on whether or not you can still 'share the luv'.

The service is expected to launch soon according to Bebo, once the testing is out of the way, and they'll be hoping that it proves a bit more successful than the Blab video messaging service they launched earlier this year, which didn't turn in to the biggest of hits in the app store. Well, either that or we've got no mates, because no one responded to us on it at all. Na, it's just that no one installed it, that's it. That was the problem, it was Bebo, not us.

So, what do you think from the taster you've seen so far, are you likely to give up your Whatsapp or Snapchat and head over to the world of Bebo again? Tweet in and let us know, or leave a comment below.