This week we waved goodbye to the sun and settled into the muggy dampness that is an Irish summer. Along the way we saw plenty of awards glamour, what to do when you can't paint your face and foundation tips to keep you smiling.

Let's begin.

1. Beautie Awards 16
Absolute beauts all round.

2. Glamour Women Of The Year Awards 2016
See above.

3. Irish premiere screening of 'Me Before You' at the Lighthouse Cinema
We're on a roll, even more beauts.

4. Eight tips on what to do when you can’t wear makeup
It may sound traumatic but we're here to help.

5. Does this new foundation really give a ‘second skin’ effect?
We put it to the test.

6. Amy Huberman’s new shoes are gonna be a sell out
We'd be angry but we just love her so much.

7. How to prevent the signs of skin ageing
Listen to Baz Luhrmann.

8. Three affordable foundations perfect for every day use
Keep those pockets happy.

9. 3 ways to make your foundation last all day and night
And keep your face happier.

10. Save/Splurge: Colour correcting primers for red skin
Essential for everyone with Celtic genes.

11. How to get shoulders that you will want to show off
Become a trap hazard.