With all those former colonies, they're bound to get confused no?

The Beeb made either a small or massive error in reporting about India's Olympic ban being lifted this morning, depending on who you talk to. Some will shrug their shoulders and see the easy mistake that could be made when trying to get a story out there ASAP with sleepy eyes.

Then again, 700 years etc. ad nauseam.

The headline for the story was "India Olympics ban lifted after new officials elected" and ran with the below image, which is very much Katie Taylor leading the troops out at the 2012 London Olympics. The floppy Irish flag sort of looks like the Indian one, which is almost forgivable, but then there's the glaringly obvious 'IRELAND' sign being held up next to it.


BBC News have since changed the image to the correct one, but expect righteous Irish anger on social media for the rest of the day thanks to this one.

Via BBC/Twitter