Did you get absolutely blown out of it this morning? Well you weren't alone, as most of the country suffered through a commute that felt closer to being in PSY video today.

If only we could pull off that level of strut without getting a rogue piece of rubbish smacking us in the face.

Anyway, prepare for it to continue if not worsen in the next 24 hours, as Met Éireann have issued a wind warning for Connacht, Cavan, Monaghan and Donegal
where west to southwest winds will reach mean speeds of 55 to 70kph and gusts of 100 to 120kph tonight, with the rest of the country seeing winds that will reach mean speeds of 45 to 65 kph and gust 80 to 110kph.

There are also going to be some heavy showers. And it's also Baltic outside.

Happy days, eh? *puts on several layers of scarves, gloves, woolly jumpers and long johns*