The hurricane that battered the Caribbean is headed to Ireland, and will bring some seriously bad weather with it.

Met Éireann have warned that Hurricane Gonzalo is headed our way with some high winds and even the possibility of some flooding coming with it, having already battered the Caribbean and now heading across the Atlantic. 

While the storm will lose some of its intensity as it crosses the ocean, Met Éireann's Vincent O’Shea told The Irish Mirror that day time hours on Monday won't be too bad but "tonight all areas will be effected, everywhere will be hit by rain and it will be worst in the west and northwest". 

He added that the winds should have slowed to about 60 km/h, but we can expect for about 20mm of rain to fall in a few hours, while there will also be the possibility of flooding in some areas as the bad weather continues in to Tuesday.

There is some good news in there though, as O'Shea stated that the worst will be over in a 36-hour period between Monday and Tuesday, and that by Wednesday and Thursday we can expect dry and even some warmer conditions, with temperatures staying around the 12°C-15°C mark.

Via The Irish Mirror