It's always annoying, infuriating and stressful when your luggage goes missing when travelling, but when you're en route to an event that one's of the biggest nights of your life, it's doubly so.

That's precisely what has happened to Dublin actor Barry Keoghan, who was travelling from the UK to Los Angeles for the Oscars earlier this week when British Airways lost his baggage.

You may assume that the important stuff - a tux, shoes, etc. - could be easily picked up in LA, but the 'Banshees of Inisherin' actor claimed that he was carrying 'sentimental' items that he needed for this weekend's event.

Taking to Twitter to rant, he said "Lost my suitcase with @British_Airways and they can't seem to be any way helpful in one bit.

"Here in LA for Oscars and had tons of sentimental stuff I wanted to wear and bring with me. Such bad customer service. Sent me to LAX to tell me they can’t help me. Tut tut."

Keoghan has since deleted the tweet so it's not known whether he was eventually reunited with his suitcase - fingers crossed he found whatever lucky charm he might need ahead of Sunday's awards.