The doll, which will be available from Monday on Barbie's official website, has 'Doctor Who' fans in a bit of a frenzy. 

'Doctor Who' returned to screens this week to rapturous applause, as Jodie Whittaker's first female Doctor sees the highest viewing figures the series has had in years. Not only that, but Whittaker's take on the Time Lord has received glowing reviews from fans, which is probably the biggest obstacle to overcome when changing a beloved character's gender. 

Now, to everyone's surprise, Barbie have announced that they will be releasing a 'Doctor Who' version of the iconic children's toy. Here she is with "her signature suspenders, lace-up boots and sonic screwdriver, this #Barbie doll is ready to time travel into your collection!" 

Without a question, the new doll will be on a lot of Christmas lists' this year, and pre-orders are already being taken by website Forbidden Planet:



Fans of the 'Doctor Who' series have been sharing their opinions on the new Barbie, with a mostly positive reaction to the news:







We just hope that the release of Whittaker's Barbie doesn't turn into a 'Jingle All The Way' scenario, because that might ruin a few children's (and adults) Christmas':