Way to go Austria. A man in Vienna has had £51,000 that he stole 19 years ago returned to him by order of the court. Otto Neuman stole over £150,000 in cash and gold from his own bank in 1993, and then hired two goons to stage a fake robbery to cover his tracks. After police caught up with him only the 51k and the gold remained, and Neuman had his ass hauled off to jail.

Well it turns out that the bank claimed the loss back off the insurance, so the insurance company, got the gold which has increased in value, to compensate the loss and the 51 grand was left sitting in the Austrian Justice Ministry. Both the bank and the insurance company claimed they had no ownership of the money so left it in the hands of the court, who saw that the only other owner was Mr. Neuman. So that's an honest bank and an honest insurance company, not being money hungry. Welcome to bizarro opposite land people..