You'll never guess which one... Right first time, well done, it's Kimberly Walsh. The one who looks a bit like Cheryl that always seems to hang around the background.

Kimberly is understandably keen to fix a date to start recording new tunes after the band's one year hiatus, but she's being met with a few fleshy walls:

"I miss the girls. The plan is... Well, basically, Nadine needs to come over from Los Angeles. We need to chat and book it in because there are five people’s diaries to work around, rather than just one... We signed up for three albums before we took the break. We always have to take it up a level and bring out new and exciting stuff. The things we’ll be singing about will be quite different this time around."

Nadine, meanwhile, is busy recording her solo effort with a Guy who has the ability to create the aural equivalent of crack (that being Mr. Chambers): "I've been writing my own songs (with one or two other people, Nadine, with one or two others) and I'm hoping to release it in the spring. I wrote nearly all the songs myself. It's quite embarrassing when you start songwriting because you're opening yourself up, I think people are going to like the album though."

What with Cheryl intent on global domination, Sarah Harding trying acting, Nadine doing the LA thing, and Nicola Roberts releasing her own makeup/fashion range and featuring in documentaries, what's a Kimberly to do?

Relegate herself to a red carpet reporting type *hangs head*... She will know the joy of desperately trying to get people's attention for a few moments at the pending BAFTA Awards.Then again, she is a stunner. That always helps.