Which Baldwin? Alec, of course.

E! Online quotes him as saying at the recent Women In Hollywood dinner: "Women today are so skinny. If I did a love scene with them, I would crush them. If I did a love scene with Renee, I would kill her."

From thoughts of Renee in the sack, to thoughts of Tom Cruise's oversized sack: "I believe we can balance the (Hollywood salary) scales if Tom Cruise would lower his quote by a mere $29 million. I realise this may be a bit unfair since he's not here to defend himself and I really don't want to put this all on one man, but if I had to, that man would be Tom Cruise."

According to Digital Spy, "Katie Holmes was spotted laughing in the audience." Probably relieved Alec didn't say he'd also murder Tom in the sack.