Much like the Golden Globes, we thought the BAFTER Parties (thought I'd try something different...) would be awash with familiar faces who weren't quite important enough to make the awards themselves. Not so. Apart from Hofit Golan, that is.

All's not lost, however, for we have a few people in coats (doesn't Amy look like she's on stilts, or straddling a small person's shoulders... maybe Jesse Eisenberg asked to be smuggled out unnoticed) and one or two people who bypassed the red carpet (the stunning Annette Bening; Ronnie Wood and his latest chung squeeze; and Sir Paul McCartney doing the usual).

But first, to the press gallery. Rosamund Pike appears largely unscathed by her disastrous presenting stint. She even agreed to be pictured with co-presenter Dominic Cooper who seemed to go out of his way to make her look wildly inept. Eslewhere, Eva Green enjoyed a spot of Voguing, while Neve tried joining in but her hands are just too damn heavy. Minnie Driver got round to showcasing her Green Lantern ring (not quite as impressive as Alba's, but up there), and Dev Patel managed to maintain the brave face after Ross ripped the mick out of The Last Airbender. Darren Aronofsky won the prize for mentioning the term "knocked up" many times while accepting Natalie Portman's Best Actress Award (which was made more innapropriate by his speech being cut with repeated close up shots of Hailee Steinfeld), and there wasn't a dry eye in the house when Christopher Lee received his Fellowship Award, especially when he said "This is without doubt the finest image I've ever had", before having to ask for someone to carry off the gong for him.

At the after parties, no one troubled themselves to change their dress, bar Jessica Alba (she could've given us a flash of what she had underneath, but, alas, that was not to be. We'll have to make do with her shoes) and Emma Watson. One could find the flesh coloured growths sprouting off her guna unsettling, me I'm more preturbed by the fact that she's getting carted around by what appears to be a sweaty jailbird...