Ugh. UGH. UGHH. Right, let's get to it.

So, Daniela Liverani returned home from backpacking across South East Asia, specifically Vietnam, and found she'd been having a number of nosebleeds.

At first, the young woman attributed said nosebleeds to a recent accident she had where she fell off a motorcycle and assumed it was merely a burst blood vessel.

However, it reached a critical point when the leech almost crawled out of her nose during a shower.

Daniela was rushed straight to the hospital where a doctor took just under an hour to remove the leech.

The leech, it seems, had burrowed into Daniela's nostril and had grown to such a size from feeding on her blood that it coiled itself into a notch.

Daniela said, at one point, she could feel it up towards her eyebrow.

And that's not the worst part - she named the thing Mr. Curly because of how it curled up in her nose.

The doctor who removed Mr. Curly said that had it stayed inside Daniela's nose any longer, it would have almost certainly burrowed into her brain.

Obviously, we're not going to show images because that's a step too far. If, however, you're a sick git - look here and be horrified.

Right. We're done. If you need us, we'll be hurling into a bucket and checking our nostrils.