Love it or hate it, 'Baby Shark' has made history this week with viewing numbers surpassing 10 billion. It's impressive news, even if the views are probably helped by it being really good at distracting babies.

In a statement released on Friday, the video's creators, the Pinkfong Company, said it has "achieved more views than the entire human population with its video." It also called it "one of the most notable cultural phenomena generating tremendous amounts of engagement across the world."

Less than two years ago it surpassed 'Despacito' as the most watched video on YouTube on around 7 billion views. With parents spending a lot more time with their kids during the pandemic, 'Baby Shark' clearly benefited by adding another three billion views since.

The song was originally performed by 10-year-old singer Hope Segoine in 2015, and debuted in June 2016. Since its release, "Baby Shark" has become a cultural phenomenon amongst people of all ages. It also held a 20-week streak on Billboard's Hot 100 as well as certifying RIAA Diamond (11x Platinum) and BRIT certified 2x Platinum.

Along with the statement on Friday, it was also revealed that a feature film is currently in the works for Baby Shark and co. There is already a Nickelodeon series called 'Baby Shark's Big Show!' which was released last year and has amassed 26 million views over its channels.

We left the video below so you can add an extra view to the 10 billion it has already accumulated. Or maybe not.

Probably not.