Ioan Gruffudd and his wife are expecting their second child.

The 'Fantastic Four' actor and 'Vampire Diaries' actress Alice Evans have confirmed to People magazine their happy news that they are going to have a sibling for their three-year-old daughter Ella Betsi Janet (fingers crossed for a better name this time around).

The couple are 'thrilled' to be welcoming a new addition to the family, with Welsh-born Ioan previously joking that he is already run off his feet with one tot at home, but thinks he and Alice will enjoy the challenge of another child, saying 'She's very, very strong. She's like her mother. I've got my work cut out for me at home.'

While the pair have taken parenthood in their stride since having Ella, Ioan admitted he was terrified about becoming a father before the little girl was born in 2009. 'It's been tough. I'm sure we have no idea what we are heading into. But we both love each other so much and really hope that we will create an environment of love and happiness.'

The couple met during the filming of Disney family flick '102 Dalmatians' in 2000 and married in September 2007 in Mexico, and are one those celebrity couples that keep to themselves and manage to run a relatively normal life out of the spotlight when at all possible. Maybe Miley and Liam should go to them for some pointers.