Congrats to Mark Owen and his missus on the arrival of their third baby. The pair are delighted with the arrival of baby Fox India Owen weighing in at 7lb 1oz. Fox India? These names never cease to amaze me. There must be some sort of method to these choices though. "Right first we need a quirky animal name, or an interesting piece of fruit, or even just a funky tree and we'll match that with an elaborate second name, the name of a country or a day of the week..." Seriously lads, when's it going to be in fashion to give your baby a normal name? When will Rachel, Laura, James, John be considered retro and therefore vintage and therefore cool? Anyhoo, Fox India is the second baby girl for this pair. They already have a son, Elwood and a daughter, Willow.

The couple have released the following statement: "Mark, Emma, Elwood and Willow are delighted to announce the arrival to the clan of their beautiful new baby girl Fox India Owen. They would like to thank all their friends and family for all the wonderful messages."

You can expect more Take That babies in the coming months with both Gary Barlow's and Robbie Williams' wifes expecting their own bundles of joy.

In other baby news, is Gisele Bundchen pregnant with baby number two? Digital Spy report that this has seemingly been confirmed since pics were snapped of her on holidays in Costa Rica earlier this month donning a 'protruding' bump that you wouldn't usually find on the belly of a supermodel.

Bundchen and her hubby Tom Brady married in 2009 and already have one little boy, Benjamin who they welcomed that same year. We'll let you know when an official statement is released.