Just in case the doctor couldn't tell, this baby wanted to let them and its parents know that everything is all good, man.

The thumbs up is the universal sign that everything is going grand, and it seems that we know that from a very young age, at least according to this ultrasound, which was posted by Reddit user Brandon Hopkins. 

Hopkins told ABC News that he just though it was really cool, and that he had to share the image online once he saw it. The baby is due in January, but the parents already have had one name suggested to them quite a bit as a result of the picture: Fonzie. 

The famous Happy Days characters was known for flashing the thumbs up on a regular basis, and it seems that fans on social media have nicknamed the unborn child 'Fonzie fetus'. While the parents don't yet know the sex of the child, they have confirmed they're expecting twins, so maybe they can name at least one of them after the character....

Via Yahoo