Out of all the Spice Girls, Emma Bunton seemed to be the only one with her sh*t together, so it comes as no surprise that she lost it during the filming of the promo for new single 'Headlines (Friendship Never Ends)'. Bunton broke down in tears when the shoot was still in full swing come 3am, all thanks to her fellow bandmates. Mel constantly complained she was suffering from jet lag, Victoria insisted on having an assistant follow her around with a supply of fruit and champagne, while Geri kept meditating. A source said; "Things were very delayed. The director was tearing his hair out and threatening to walk. Geri kept slowing things down by meditating and doing strange spiritual stuff. It's just like before but now their egos are even bigger. That’s their egos I’m talking about, not their boobs." On the upside, Emma will be yet another £1million richer as some bright sparks in Norway have comissioned the band to design a range of furniture. It will include "sofas, floral wallpaper, animal print chairs and colourful mirrors." Great.