Not sure if it's just me, being in the family way myself 'n all that, but the last few months have been a complete pregnancy fest, have they not?

It's not just several of my friends (myself and my best friend are due within two weeks of each other...), Adele is due, Fearne Cotton is pregnant, Megan Fox is pregnant, Lily Allen is pregnant, Gisele Bundchen is pregnant, Claire Danes is pregnant, Camila Alves is pregnant, Sarah Michelle Gellar is pregnant, Anna Paquin is pregnant, Sabrina the Teenage Witch is pregnant, everyone reckons Drew Barrymore is pregnant, Ayda Fields is still pregnant, Adriana Lima is pregnant, Tori Spelling is always pregnant...

Despite suffering badly with 'baby brain' (apparently you never get it back...), I was going to pitch a pregnancy column to my editor in the Independent. But as it turns out, she's pregnant too and started chronicling her own pregnancy for the Weekend Magazine a few weeks back. It's very good. Read it.

So here's today's pregnancy update. Reese Witherspoon has been given the all clear to leave hospital after being admitted with a suspected premature labour

Snooki, the pocket sized party off Jersey Shore, is no longer pregnant; she brought a baby boy into the world over the weekend (she really wanted a girl, but she said she'll love the boy regardless), while Anna Faris has also welcomed her first born also a boy - who they've named Jack. You can read all about that here.

No doubt there'll be a plethora of baby updates over the coming weeks and months. Apologies in advance.