Well, that'd make sense, what with the shared over-inflated sense of self worth and the penchant for starting scraps over the internet AVEC CAPITAL LETTERS. Oh, and the fact that they're both geniuses. Clearly.

Speaking with ELLE Magazine, the '212' rapper shared her thoughts on her spiritual connection with the hip-hop star, spouting: "Kanye is a genius. Kanye and I are like the same person but boy and girl (indeed). We're pulling from the same cloud, the same inspiration. We're both Geminis, we're the two premier avant gardists in hip hop music... It's just me and him. I think our consciousnesses are swirling around each other in some weird kind of way..." Not unlike two farts in a lift.

The artist/professional mouthpiece - who has famously engaged herself in highly cerebral Twitter spats with Lily Allen, Lady Gaga, and Amanda Brunker - is also a fan of Chanel designer Karl Lagerfeld, because he gives her stuff.

Of their totally normal relationship, she said: "He gave me some cute clothes and an iPad. I was like, 'Uncle Karl!' He's really interesting. And the people around him are really nice." So nice in fact that she felt the need to point that out.

In case you're still reading; the rapper couldn't imagine living anywhere else but New York City because she can blast her music at full volume all night without anyone caring.

She explained: "I live in Washing Heights where I get a lot of bang for my buck. My dollar goes a long way! I've got a huge four-bedroom apartment for the same price that I would pay to live in a box in SoHo. I live in a really thick Hispanic neighbourhood so I can play my music loud because they love their music. There's no knocking on my door telling me to turn my music down."

You may want to take a breather, for you - dear reader - have just spent the last 2 minutes with one of the world's greatest minds. Frightening, isn't it.