So Amanda Brunker's quest to nab Azealia Banks' cancelled Electric Picnic spot didn't quite go to plan. I'm surprised, she played a blinder filling Jessie J's shoes at Oxegen last year, and herself and Azealia share the same initials and everything.

It all kicked off on twitter, as everyone has a set of massive balls on the internet, with Amanda quoting Banks' lyrics for 212. When she realised her audition was falling on deaf ears, she gave up saying "I'm not black enough to tease the rest of the lyrics… Gotta love it though :)"

To which Azealia replied: "'Black enough?' Wow. How ignorant." This sent Brunker babbling, as you can see from the below tweets. She then tried to get Azealia to follow her so she could PM her, a request which appears to have been denied given Brunker's subsequent lone post of "please" followed by "Can peace, love and understanding please return to the Twitterverse? Thank you in advance x."

There is very little 'peace, love and understanding' on the internet, you see, there are too many 'ignorants' blurting out the wrong thing for that. What she simply meant to say was "I'm not talented enough to tease the rest of the lyrics," or just "I have no soul and the vocal range of an amoeba" (see below) and all this pesky confusion could've been avoided.