A player in Austria was given a fairly heavy penalty after he lost his temper and headbutted the referee. 

Having already been booked, Ismail Gunduz was foolish enough to get himself a second yellow card in the 86th minute in the match between his side SK Rum and SPG Innsbruck West, two amateur teams in Austria. 

What happened next was unexpected however, as Gunduz headed over to the ref and headbutted him in the face, leaving him with a bloody lip. 

According to The Independent, his club immediately sacked him as a result, with their manager Michael Messner saying "we distance ourselves from Ismail Gunduz's behaviour. He was thrown out of the club with immediate effect". It wasn't over there, however, as the Tirol Football Association, who look after that level of the game, hit him with a 70-match ban ensuring that he won't be playing for any other club for quite a while. 

Gunduz himself is not pleased however, claiming that the punishment dished out to him is "madness" and added that “I will do all I can to return to the pitch”. His line of defence seems to have been taken out of the wildly unpopular book Luis Suarez's Guide to Public Relations, as he claimed that he did not mean to headbutt the ref, he merely "slipped" as he was leaving the pitch.

Via The Independent