Be thankful they're nowhere near here.

A small town near Darwin, Australia has been completely overrun with nearly 25,000 venomous spiders.

Maningrida has become a focal point for a recently-discovered type of tarantula, known as the Mangrinda Diving Tarantula.

Thankfully, however, the spiders haven't begun infecting the local townsfolk as they're restricted largely to a nearby floodplain.

Dr. Robert Raven of the Queensland Museum has said that the infestation has significant medicinal and economic possibilities for the locals nearby.

"The entire intellectual property concerning the spider - its young, its adults, and its venom - are all property of the community," he said.

"This is a resource for the community in a number of ways and could flow back into the community eventually to help them manage the parks better."

The Maningrida diving tarantula was only discovered in the last ten years, however local Aboriginal people believe that the spider has been present for quite some time.

It's understood that Maningrida is now home to the highest concentration of tarantulas in one area, meaning that pharmaceutical companies and academic researchers will be keen to understand why they've flocked there and why such a high concentration.

But what happens if you're bit by one? Oh, not a lot.

You'll vomit repeatedly for about six to eight hours. That's about it, really.

Hey, it's Australia - most of the things that have more than two legs are capable of KILLING you, so this is a bit of a step down from that.