Australian political advisor Grahame Morris found himself in a bit of hot water recently when he appeared on Sky News in Australia to talk about the same sex marriage vote that was passed in Ireland. 

Speaking about the Irish, Morris stated that Australia wasn't ready for a similar vote, and that they shouldn't be taking their lead from what happened here. He went on to use some choice phrases to describe the Irish people, which is what caused the controversy. 

He stated that Ireland's national symbol is "a mutant lawn weed", that we can't grow potatoes and that we "can't verbalise the difference between a tree and the number three".

Morris found himself under increasing pressure to row back on his remarks, and speaking to Sky News again, he said that he had ended up in "a hell of a pickle" and that he was "very sorry" for his comments, adding that it was a "tasteless" attempt at humour on his part.

Something tells us he won't be having a go at us again in the near future. 

Via Newstalk