A line in a story in Sydney paper The Daily Telegraph has gone viral, after a lot of social media users assumed that it was a mistake in the print edition. 

Columnist Tim Blair was writing about the case of Jake Bilardi, a teenager from Melbourne who joined Islamic State and recently died in a suicide bombing, and the general issue of others going to join similar extremist movements. In the process of researching the piece, he spoke to a youth worker at the Hume Islamic Youth Centre where Bilardi used to go, whose name he found quite amusing. 

The man's name was Furkan Derya, and he decided to add a quip afterwards stating that "I furkan derya to find a better name than Furkan Derya".  

A number of people tweeted the line with a cautionary warning never to write something that you don't want included in the final version of a story, but it seems that it was deliberate, and that the line remained in the online version of the story on the paper's website at the time of writing. 

Via The New Daily. Main pic via Daniel R. Blume/Flickr