It wouldn’t be the first time that two men have come to blows over the supermodel, but it seems that one of them is actually dating her this time.

Miranda Kerr and Australian billionaire James Packer are apparently the new hottest couple in town, but it seems that Packer’s old mate David Gyngell is not too thrilled with his decision, as the two ended up in a brawl in broad daylight in the street last week.

According to The Daily Mail, Gyngell was the best man at Packer’s wedding, and he’s not very happy with how the media mogul has been treating his ex-wife since their separation.

The story has made some pretty big headlines in Australia, where the two rich boys saw their faces plastered across the front pages of pretty much every paper going.

Packer and Gyngell both inherited their fortunes, as their grandfathers were involved in setting up Australia’s Channel 9, so they won’t have to reach too far in to their pockets to fish out the $500 fine that they were hit with for "offensive behaviour".

They released a joint statement over the weekend and even though Packer ended up with a black eye, neither will be pressing charges against the other, as they've been "friends for 35 years and still are".  

Via Gawker