How many sick days you ask? Oh just 11.5 million.

The Australian New Zealand Journal of Public Health published a report this week revealing that Aussies are taking roughly 11.5 million sick days a year, which costs the economy an estimated $2.2 billion.

And of those 11.5 million sickies, 1.7 million sick days are due to alcohol and 854,497 are due to drug use. In short, Aussies like to have a good time.

Per Mashable:

The report showed that drinkers were absent more than 7 million days annually than those who abstained from drinking, and drug consumers were not showing up to work 4 million more days annually than those who had never used drugs. It seems the party animals are letting the hard workers pick up the slack

We're never going to feel bad about going to work hungover ever again.

Via Mashable