With a sound that wouldn't be out of place in Miami Vice, this version of the Game of Thrones theme tune may be even better than the original. 

Sure, Game of Thrones is pretty epic right now, but ever wondered what it would be like if it Westeros was swapped for 1980s America? Well it seems that Steve Duzz, a Russian DJ, has the answer, at least when it comes to the theme tune. 

Steve told BuzzFeed that he wasn't originally trying to remix the theme tune, but it just sort of happened, and it turned out to be pretty good: "I was trying to learn how to make these ‘80-’90s synthesisers and drum sounds. After a few hours playing with melodies, I tried the Game of Thrones theme, and it worked!"

Steve decided to release the version he made, encouraged by his friends, and it's been a big hit since, garnering over 200,000 plays on SoundCloud (at time of writing) in just a few short days. You can check out Steve's SoundCloud or his Facebook for more of his tunes, and this one, of course, if you fancy getting your hands on it.

He's not the first person to re-imagine the show in the 1980s however, as artist Mike Wrobel also mocked up what the characters would look like in that style, and it's pretty fantastic we must say. 

Via BuzzFeed. Main pic via GameOFThronesFanArt.com