A man in Wolverhampton had an emergency that only the police could solve apparently, and it was to do with his Big Mac. 

West Midlands Police are pretty active on social media, maintaining a presence on SoundCloud and Twitter, as well as a whole host of other sites, which keeps them in touch with their community. It also allows them to share the work they do every day, and the stuff they have to put up with, like this particular call. 

A man in Wolverhampton dialled 999 when he decided that he needed to get in contact with the police because he had an emergency. An emergency that was related to his Big Mac. Although he called them to complain, we're not sure what it was in the end, as after wasting plenty of their time being asked to be transferred to his local police station, he was promptly cut off when they realised what the whole call was about.

West Midlands have uploaded the audio, which is undoubtedly hilarious, with a serious message in mind: do not ring 999 unless it is a real emergency. Burger emergencies don't count.  

Via Breaking News