Aubrey Plaza presented the Independent Spirit Awards on Saturday, and roped her old 'Parks and Recreation' colleague Jim O'Heir into creating a FYRE Festival parody that works on so many levels.

In case you missed the controversy - Andy King from Netflix's 'FYRE' Festival documentary has been applauded for his stark honesty amid the controversial music festival. There's even been rumours that plans for King to get his own TV show are in the works.

Now, in a squint and you can see the resemblance parody, Jim O'Heir has taken on the mantle of King. Host of the Independent Spirit Awards Aubrey Plaza, who played April Ludgate in 'Parks and Recreation,' convinced her colleague to "take one for the team." Apparently, the awards show had run out of water, blowing all of their budget on flying in Director John Waters.

Here's the FYRE Festival/'Parks and Rec' parody, featuring the always happy to help Jerry/Gary/Larry/Terry.