Madonna's first born has enrolled in the star's alma-mater university.

17-year-old Lourdes Leon, whose father is personal trainer Carlos Leon, is set to attend the University of Michigan later this year, where she will pursue a bachelor's degree of fine arts in drama and theatre. She was born to do it.

A source told that the teenager has registered in the Ann Arbor college's directory under her nickname Lola and will take undergraduate classes in a range of art forms and creative practices, from animation to traditional acting skills.

Her famous mother attended the same university in the 1970s, but dropped out before receiving her degree to pursue a career in music. Hence the acting scenario...

The 55-year-old star is clearly tickled Lourdes is following in her footsteps, as she posted a photograph of the university's merchandise store on Instagram on Tuesday, with the caption: "I think I'll stop in here! #unapologeticb***h (sic)"

The duo were first spotted taking a tour of the campus last November, and Madonna previously said: "I want my daughter to go to school there. I keep telling her, Ann Arbor is an awesome place."

Lourdes, who recently graduated from NYC's LaGuardia High School of Music & Art and Performing Arts, recently admitted she is nervous and excited about going to college.

Earlier this month, she wrote a blog post, saying: "I feel like high school graduation is something I've been talking about forever and now its finally here. I was so excited about 'being done with school' and now that I'm actually done I'm like clammy and sweating and nervous because... WHAT?!?! Knowing that I'm going to have to wake myself up for class, and not someone banging vigorously at my door for 5 full minutes, relieves me and worries me a little. Wrapping up High School has been pretty hectic (not actually doing THAT much so idk why) and words cannot express my excitement to sit in the sun and jam [with] friends (sic)."

Speaking of which, there was a mad furore over Madonna posting a photo of Lourdes and her friends enjoying a pre-prom party in which *gasps* wine glasses were used. It could be apple juice or non-alcoholic bubbles. Surely she would've learned after last time.