Lock up anything with a pulse... Love Island lothario (and former Lohan infiltrator) Calum Best is knocking around your woods this weekend. Word on the street is that the professional son of a footballer has been drafted in to open the new Karaoke bar in Cork City leisure centre, The Mardyketonight at 9.30pm. He'll also appear on Cork's (*ahem* number one) breakfast show, The Red Rooster (104 - 106FM or online at redfm.ie), on Monday morning. I sent a list of extremely pertinent questions to the station but they've been declined, so - as I can't make it to the Mardyke this evening - might some Corkonian readers ask him the following on my behalf? 1: How did he feel when those pictures of him doing coke with the two prostitutes got leaked? 2: Did he break it off with Lindsay 'cause she was entering rehab or simply 'cause she's a loon? 3: Did Lindsay actually hold him hostage in a hotel room and send her security after him when he tried to leave? 4: Did he have a cross-generational Lohan sandwich with Dina and daughter? 5: What does he think of Dina's parenting skills? 6: Did he refuse to have anything to more to do with Rebecca Loos on Love Island purely because she let one rip at the dinner table? 7: How does he feel about loosing his money making mane at such a young age? 8: What does he think of his ex-girlfriend Sarah Harding's new haircut? 9: Does he think it makes her look like a martian? 10: Is he ever going to get a real job? C'mon! What other questions apply to one that's done nothing of note?!