It's a long-running conspiracy theory that aliens landed in Roswell in the '60s, the government hid details of the crash and aliens live among us now.

In other words, The X-Files was a documentary and Independence Day is a reality. Sort of. Anyway, all these theories and facts and so on have been discredited and debunked countless times over - but it still doesn't stop theorists from having a field day when something remotely related to alien life from jumping on the government conspiracy bandwagon.

In a recent live chat with astronomers from Berkeley SETI (Search for Extra-Terrestrial Intelligence) Research Center and a number of universities, the topic was brought up about a recent discovery just outside of our solar system which may or may not be a gigantic alien structure. The object, which others believe is a ninth planet on the outskirts of our solar system, has been referred to as Tabby's Star. 

The question was asked to the panel that, should they find any evidence of alien life or confirmation that the gigantic alien structure is real and not a ninth planet, will the government block them from releasing the information? Short answer - not a chance.

"I mean, I wouldn’t put anything past the global world government," laughed Prof. Jason Wright of Penn State, before confirming that it's not going to be an issue if Tabby's Star is confirmed to be an alien structure. Dr. Andrew Siemion of Berkeley SETI also confirmed that  there's never been "any interference from any government of any kind of anything we’ve done."

In fact, Dr. Siemion even said that government interest would be a good thing, as it would mean that the search for extra-terrestrial life is being taken seriously. As it stands, Tabby's Star is now being scanned by the Green Bank Telescope - the world's largest steerable radio telescope - in the hope that there'll be more definitive answers as to what exactly it is.

If it does actually turn out to be a gigantic alien superstructure, we won't have to worry about Tommy Lee Jones and Will Smith wiping our memory.


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