Enjoy your weekend, we all might be dead next week.

Well being honest, we could all die anytime, but this Tuesday coming it could be because of asteroid 2012 DA14. The 45-metre wide asteroid will pass 17,200 miles from the surface of the Earth next week, the closest fly-by for an object of that size NASA has ever recorded, but if Hollywood blockbusters have taught us anything, it's that we need to assemble a crack team of oil-drillers and send them to space to nuke it keep calm and hope that it passes by without incident. Somewhere Morgan Freeman is being shepherded into a bunker, recording narration for the new world after he becomes President.

The asteroid is half the size of an American football field, and while experts are saying there is 'no chance of a collision', NASA has said that an object the size of 2012 DA14 is estimated to hit the Earth every 1,200 years, but one hit Russia in 1908 so the odds are in our favour. If you believe them.

Here comes the science.